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Development Services

Sometimes you just need to create a custom application to solve a problem efficiently, or manage a new aspect of your business. Don't be intimidated - Datrona will break it all down and make it work for you.


Examples of Datrona's development services:

Center for Sustainable Building Research - University of Minnesota
The Center for Sustainable Building Research was charged with creating a website to simulate a software application created by the folks who wrote the book "Window Systems for High-Performance Buildings". The system consisted of a MySQL database and custom PHP code that allowed visitors to review window performance for criteria entered. Visit the website to play with the application using the "Facade Design Tool": http://www.commercialwindows.org

With literally thousands of books about hunting, safaris, and adventures in their virtual bookstore, Ted Holsten and Norden VanHorn needed a way to manage their book sales and listings! The two senior entrepreneurs began their business as a hobby after they retired. Ease of use and simplicity were critical design considerations since the primary users of this system were not computer literate. A custom Microsoft Access Database was designed and developed by Datrona to create and manage book lists that get uploaded to ABE Books for inclusion in their database of used books. Visit their online bookstore here: Hunter Books on ABE Books

Metro Molded Parts, Inc.
Having a parts inventory of over five thousand unique parts, Metro needed a database of online parts and shopping cart system to allow people to purchase these items. Datrona worked with Metro to create and deploy a user friendly system for consumers. Vist their online catalog section: http://www.metrommp.com

Rapids Bar
Special Events listing on home page managed by Rapid's employees. Events display in chronological order until they expire keeping content current and giving customers a reason to come back again and again.

Que Computers
Selling used computers and related items is a difficult task to manage! Datrona created a listing for Que Computers that allowed them to have items expire after a specified period of time. This enabled listing of items that have rapidly depreciating prices to be listed without worry of having "overpriced" items remaining on the list, discouraging customers from inquiring since the price was out of line.

Prairie River Home Care
As a home health care company with over 500 employees, Prairie River Home Care needed an efficient way to collect applicant information from their website. Datrona created a customized form that captured and saved applicant data so that Human Resources managers can review it at their convenience.

Halfway House For Men
As a halfway house for men who have been released from correctional facilities after serving their terms, there is a requirement to report the status of each of their residents to the Department of Corrections at the State of Minnesota. Datrona automated this process by creating a series of scripts in Filemaker Pro - the database management system used to manage their business - to sort the records, then export them to a tab delimited text file. This text file is in a format necessary for the State's database system to import. The file is uploaded using a scripted File Transfer Protocol session at 2AM each day, and an email is sent confirming the process completed successfully to multiple recipients, including Datrona Support.





You can change your business to fit the software, or you can change the software to fit your business!

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